News: Lotus Evora 400 Roadster

News: Lotus Evora 400 Roadster

The British are creating quite a bit of car news! First it was Bentley's turn with their new Continental Supersports, and now it is Lotus' turn. The are bringing an open version of the Evora 400 to the market. And it looks impressive!

When a car manufacturer introduces a roadster version of a coupe, it usually comes with a downgrade in performance and handling due to the additional weight of the reinforcement. But with the use of carbon/aluminum monocoque chassis this might be a thing of the past. And this appears to be the case with the new Evora 400 Roadster since it just 20 pounds heavier and the V6 engine still delivers 400 horsepower. And Jean-Marc Gales, the top man at Lotus, claims that he's 100% certain that Roadster will perform as good as the coupe, and we believe him. Where can we sign?

Lotus Evora 400 nu ook als Roadster

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