Nissan GT-R50 is Japanese technology with an Italian appearance

Nissan GT-R50 is Japanese technology with an Italian appearance

It sounds conceptually very cool, but this Nissan couldn't be sold easily. The limited production of 50 units was ultimately reduced to only 19 units. Now we finally see one appearing on Autogespot!

In 2018, the Nissan GT-R50 was introduced to the automotive world. The car was a result of a collaboration between Nissan and the Italian car design company Italdesign, meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of both companies. Italdesign was founded in 1968, and a year later, in 1969, the first GT-R was launched. However, this highly exclusive and special Japanese car did not sell well, and it quickly became clear why.
You don't need to look at the car for long to conclude that the Italian design won't win the famous GT-R any beauty prizes. Especially the rear end looks very bare, almost giving the impression that the rear bumper is missing. The front is also quite unusual, but it can still work in this color combination. The price tag likely scared off potential customers as well. You paid nearly a million for this Italian Nissan! In return, you got an engine tuned by Nismo that delivered 720 hp and a slightly more streamlined body with a roofline 5.4 cm lower than a 'regular' GT-R. So, you didn't buy this Nissan for its performance, because for a quarter of the purchase price, you could buy a Nismo GT-R and a tune that delivered more.
Still, it’s nice to welcome this GT-R50 on the site a few years later. Singapore has the honor of featuring this red and gold example!

Nissan GT-R50 is Japanese technology with an Italian appearanceClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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