Old but gold: Mercedes-Benz C 55 AMG Combi

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  • 2020-02-23 13:40
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Old but gold: Mercedes-Benz C 55 AMG Combi

The Mercedes C 55 AMG is not a model we see being uploaded on the site often, especially the Estate version. This car was produced in a limited run of 595 cars and spotting this car casually parked in an airport parking garage makes this spot even better.

This is one of those cars where you remember they exist the moment you see one. Just to clarify how rare this car really is, about 1311 examples of the Ferrari F40 were produced. Thats easily twice as many! Still, it is impossible to walk past an F40 withouth turning your head and even someone who has no idea about cars will know that something special is parked up. The mercedes however can be a real sleeper. Someone without any car knowledge will walk past this car withouth even giving it a glance. Another fun detail is that the cars lenght had to be adjusted because the V8 engine would not fit. Another 8 centimeterrs / 3.15 inch had to be added to the bonnet to make room for the engine.

A very cool spot at the place you least expect it!

Oud maar goud: Mercedes-Benz C 55 AMG Combi

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