Old and new supercars spotted together!

Old and new supercars spotted together!

You can find really everything in Monaco. New supercars but also old sports cars. You don’t see them next to each other very often. In this spot we see new glory and old, but not past glory. The Ferrari 430 Scuderia is one of today’s supercars, while the Bentley Speedsix was a supercar in its own time. These two cars next to each other make this a very special combo!

The Ferrari 430 Scuderia is a real brutal car. 510 bhp and made to go around the track as fast and hard as possible. The Bentley Speedsix is a model which was produced in the 20’s and 30’s of last century. It was a really fast car for that time, but nowadays it is a car to display through Monaco and to steal the show with its gigantic nose. The beautiful pictures make the spot complete. They emphasize the atmosphere in Monaco and the difference of cars you can see there. Which one would you prefer, the old, classy Bentley or the powerful and fast Ferrari?

Old en new supercars spotted together!

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    BELGIUM Arthur The Guardian  -  2012-04-30 at 17:55

    Mistake in the title is probably already noticed :D

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    NETHERLANDS Karsten  -  2012-05-01 at 14:50

    Thanks for noticing Arthur! It will be fixed!

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    INDIA hppyromz  -  2019-08-20 at 13:43

    Thanks to a new feature of the new website, everybody can see how many spots have been uploaded over the past years. In the past few weeks we have been counting down to the first milestone of 250.000 spots. This spot was uploaded yesterday, on April 29th, by Spotcrew-Beckum.


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