Once again Canada delivers a Ford GT Carbon Series

Once again Canada delivers a Ford GT Carbon Series

A spotters life in Montreal, Canada isn't that bad. Olivierlessard has been providing a steady stream of spots and often he treats us with some real gems!

This variant of the Ford GT for example, only the third unique copy and remarkably all 3 have been spotted in Canada. It is therefore the second copy for spotter Olivier Lessard. The Ford GT Carbon Series It is the Ford GT that was ordered to shed the weight by Ford and therefore the engineers made the car lose 18 kilos. The Carbon Series ensures that more carbon fiber is visible on the GT than ever before. For example, the wheels are made of carbon fiber and the window to seal the engine compartment is made of polycarbonate. In the interior, air conditioning and a radio barely made the cut, but other things, such as a cup holder, had to give way. As a passenger you can no longer lose your belongings because that storage compartment has also been removed to remove as much weight as possible off the car.

Canada bezorgt ons wederom Ford GT Carbon Series

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