One of the very few green LM002s surfaces in the Netherlands.

One of the very few green LM002s surfaces in the Netherlands.

After two years, this is only the second green LM002 on the website, and both originate from the Netherlands. Either some details on the car have changed in these two years, or there are indeed two green LM002s. In any case, this is an incredible top spot, while most people don't even know its name.

The LM002 was Lamborghini's first off-road vehicle, a truly capable machine, unlike the Urus, which is merely a luxurious SUV. Unfortunately, the hype around the LM002 is already 37 years in the past, and even some car enthusiasts lack knowledge about it. Many people didn't even know that Lamborghini once built an off-road vehicle.
The LM002 was manufactured from 1986 to 1993, with approximately 328 units produced. Originally designed as a military vehicle, Lamborghini developed it in response to a tender from the U.S. Army for a high-performance military vehicle. The vehicle was called the Lamborghini Cheetah and was perfect for the U.S. Army. Unfortunately, it remained a concept vehicle that was produced only once. This piece is occasionally on display at the Lamborghini Museum. However, Lamborghini then decided to turn this concept into a street vehicle, which was then named LM002.

The LM002 was powered by a 5.2-liter V12 engine, also used in the Lamborghini Countach, delivering an impressive 444 horsepower. The LM002 had a distinctive and angular design that set it apart from most other vehicles of its time. Its interior was luxurious, accommodating four passengers. The LM002's tires were particularly impressive—large and robust, with the spare tire often mounted on the trunk, which was extremely unusual for a Lamborghini at that time. Due to its massive build and powerful engine, the LM002 weighed over two tons. Because of its high price and striking appearance, the LM002 was an extremely exclusive vehicle, finding its place in the world of luxury cars and being popular among affluent buyers.
In a way, the Urus, a modern SUV from Lamborghini, can be considered the spiritual successor to the LM002. The Urus combines luxurious design with off-road capability. Due to its rarity and uniqueness, the LM002 is now a coveted collector's item for car enthusiasts and aficionados.

One of the very few green LM002s surfaces in the Netherlands.Click on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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