Orange super-Porsche spotted: Porsche Carrera GT TechArt

Orange super-Porsche spotted: Porsche Carrera GT TechArt

Everybody that loves cars is familiar with the tuner TechArt. They customize not only regular Porsches, but also the Carrera GT was a project of the Tuner from Leonsberg. Some people think this was wasting the original lines of the Carrera GT but others love the design from TechArt. But there is one thing we know. This creation is very cool!

This tuning package for the Carrera GT is already available since 2006. Till today there was only one copy of the TechArt Carrera GT spotted. This one belonged to Prinz Germany. A well known car collector on the website. The TechArt Carrera GT is maybe not as cool as the Edo competion but you will get the attention you want. Standard the Carrera GT comes with 612 bhp, TechArt increased this to 635 bhp. You probably won't notice the difference but who cares. It is cool to claim that your car has more power than the standard GT. The owner of this car will attract a lot of attention with this color. Even the rims are painted in orange!

Oranje über-Porsche gespot: Porsche Carrera GT TechArt

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