Over its own destiny: Hamann Mi5Sion

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  • 2013-05-20 12:35
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Over its own destiny: Hamann Mi5Sion

The BMW M5 F10 can be tuned in various ways. For instance performance tuning, where only the engine is extremely powerful and where the looks remain the same. Another way is optical tuning, where tuners go over their own destiny. An good example is the Mi55sion of Hamann Motorsport, of which the second unique copy got spotted in Amalmedy, Dubai lately.

It just have to catch attention, that must have been the motto on the office of Hamann Motorspot. They've been busy making this body kit as extreme as possible, and we think they've managed to! The most important change is the front, which looks completely different due the other kidneys and an extra part of the headlights. Then there is the widebody kit which makes the car several centimeters wider. Not only the front changed dramatically, also the back did, which has an individual design. An centrally mounted exhaust system and a big diffuser makes the back look completely different. At the back we see an M5-label, otherwise nobody would have known this car once was an M5. We leave it up to your opinion, feel free to share your opinion about this car!

De overtreffende trap: Hamann Mi5Sion

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