Perfect SLR according to ASMA Tuning

Perfect SLR according to ASMA Tuning

To keep it short, three words: Arabs, money, and greed. ASMA Tuning is known for its ugly designs based on a Mercedes. A couple of designs were based on a ML, E-klasse, SL and a CLS, but now it is the SLR McLaren's turn to keep the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi happy. The result is ASMA Perfection, but not totally perfect...

The only cool thing is that the power of the V8 is changed from 626HP to 700HP and the crazy Arab has 855nm to do an absurd burnout. The extra power is from changing the electronics and the compressor. The top speed is 350 km/h and a sprint won't take more than 3.5 seconds. Ofcourse the exterior of the SLR is important because that is why he bought the car. The price is €1.000.000, you can buy much nicer exotics for that money!

This time you may say something about the design...

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