Perfection, behold the Maserati MC12

Perfection, behold the Maserati MC12

How good can life be sometimes. Monaco has a perfect climate, beautiful cars, and when there is a trailer of your favorite champagne brand parked right next to it, it can’t really get better than that.

Gazing upon a gorgeous Maserati MC12 while sipping on a glass of champagne, this is exactly how I would love to spend a slow Saturday. It would be even better to ditch the champagne and to take a seat behind the wheel and drive it up in the mountains, but well, we can’t have it all. This particular car has not been uploaded on the site just yet and it is so awesome to see that even after all this time, new cars are still surfacing to be spotted and uploaded to the site. The database of cars grows everyday and its thanks to you guys!

This car was sold for over 3 million euro’s back in 2016! At that time less than 6000 kilometers were driven with the car and the full service was done by the Ferrari dealer in Modena. It is worth 3 million euro’s since only 50 units were produced! Being this limited it is always a treat to see a new car on the site. How awesome would it be when we can collect all 50 cars??

Perfectie: Maserati MC12 aanschouwen met een glas champagne

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