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Spotted in New Canaan (CT), United States of America
Date 2018-10-20 05:59

For Spot #2009, here is a 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP. I first found it driving on Park Street in New Canaan on 12/02/2017 (photos 1-5). I found it again pulling into the High Ridge Center in Stamford on 7/28/2018 (photos 6-10). For some reason it had front wheels from a BMW M3 when I found it Stamford but whatever. What differentiates the GXP from the GT is that is has a non-functional rear diffuser, upgraded suspension, and Brembo brakes. This is 1 out of only 1,829 sold to customers in total which makes this one rare beast... and I have already found three of them! Here's to hopefully finding more on the road! License plate: 179·XNK (CT)

Auto details

Topspeed 235 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 4.50 s
Power 415 hp
Torque 563 Nm @ 4600 rpm
Weight 1805 kg

Comments on this spot

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  2018-10-20 at 15:01

    Great find! Never seen one myself. I really like the design

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    NETHERLANDS thomcarspotter  -  2018-10-20 at 19:38

    Strange wheel choice, lol. Cool car, nice spot!

  3. This is not ok

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