Spotted in Bal Harbour (FL), United States of America
Date 2019-12-11 10:52

I spotted this temp tagged speedster ( 002094893 ) parked in general parking at the mall.

Auto details

Topspeed 310 km/u
Acceleration 0-100 km/u 4.00 s
Power 510 pk
Torque 470 Nm @ 6250 tpm
Weight 1540 kg

Comments on this spot

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    NETHERLANDS jasper1  -  2019-12-11 at 11:09

    So jealous of this spot. Waiting to spot my first one. Quite a dull spec though. Cool spot!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  2019-12-11 at 11:25

    Thanks as always, mate.

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    NETHERLANDS LucasH  -  2019-12-11 at 12:07

    Dang what a great find! These are awesome and will probably all be of the road and into collector's garages in a couple of years. Too bad this one isn't painted in a more exotic color.

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    NETHERLANDS lyon1845  -  2019-12-11 at 14:02

    Cool spot West

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    NETHERLANDS tk97  -  2019-12-11 at 14:27

    Great spot!

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    NETHERLANDS Jeroen  -  2019-12-11 at 16:42

    Such a cool car! Great spot!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  2019-12-11 at 17:43

    Great spot!

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    NETHERLANDS D&A Crew  -  2019-12-11 at 19:02


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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NCspotter  -  2019-12-11 at 19:18

    Insane find! This is an insanely underappreciated car, can't believe you managed to spot on already!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  2019-12-12 at 13:00

    Thank you Lucas, Alen, Thomas, Jeroen, Jonathan, D&A Crew , and Nick for your comments.

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    NETHERLANDS thomcarspotter  -  2019-12-12 at 18:21

    Great find! Hey West, my weekend has started, and i've got a quick trip in the planning haha. Hopefully with some spots. To be honest i don't really like this Speedster. It's just a GT3 with the roof chopped off.. Imo they could've done something more special with it. @Horse-Power

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    GERMANY LuxurySpottings  -  2019-12-12 at 18:43

    Black brakes and golden badges are usually the Heritage Package.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  2019-12-13 at 12:52

    Thank you Thom, and LuxurySpottings .

    @ thomcarspotter Hi Thom. That's great news mate. As always have a great time but always be safe. I cannot wait to read what you come up with.

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    SWITZERLAND Nico K. Photography  -  2019-12-13 at 21:23

    Amazing Spot buddy! Have a great Weekend!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  2019-12-16 at 01:01

    @ Nico K. Photography Thanks Nico as always. The two days always go by fast if your off from work, lol. I really hope that your was lucrative, mate?

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  2019-12-27 at 17:36

    Awesome find!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  2019-12-28 at 02:03

    Thanks for the comment, Jeffrey.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  2019-12-28 at 02:06

  19. This is not ok

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