Spotter Chieltje NETHERLANDS chieltje_
Spotted in Doetinchem, Netherlands
Date 2020-10-13 20:33

Had an incredible afternoon thanks to the kind owner! I was simply given the key with the words 'Be careful, and you'll be fine.' Amazing experience to be able to drive such a car by myself!

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    UNITED KINGDOM Carlegends  -  2020-10-13 at 20:40

    Cool shots and nice house

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    NETHERLANDS tk97  -  2020-10-13 at 21:43

    Gave platen en spot

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  2020-10-13 at 22:04

    Sounds like an awesome experience Chiel! I was looking forward to this post after seeing it on Instagram. Excellent shots here mate!

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    NETHERLANDS D&A Crew  -  2020-10-14 at 00:12

    Mooi !.

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  2020-10-14 at 00:36

    De mooie dingen aan spotten. Wat een fantastische ervaring! Toffe shoot ook.

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    NETHERLANDS maikxx  -  2020-10-14 at 08:00

    Vet hoor! Zowel de auto als het landgoed

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    NETHERLANDS Hulaucarphotography  -  2020-10-14 at 11:13

    Wat een perceel, prachtig.
    Foto's zijn ook gaaf!

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    NETHERLANDS jorim_craats  -  2020-10-14 at 19:53

    die is VAN DE PA van brent balenciaga

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    NETHERLANDS jorim_craats  -  2020-10-14 at 19:53

    wel supermooie fotos

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    NETHERLANDS dennie  -  2020-10-14 at 19:54

    gave spot en fotos , alleen de ster klopt niet

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    NETHERLANDS Chieltje  -  2020-10-14 at 20:01

    @jorim_craats Neehoor ;-)

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    UNITED KINGDOM Miles A.  -  2020-10-14 at 23:24

    Stunning photos!

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    NETHERLANDS LucasH  -  2020-10-15 at 20:13

    Je mocht deze zelf rijden? Wat een vette ervaring man! Techart kitje staat goed, fraaie plaatjes ook weer.

  14. This is not ok

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