Porsche Speedster in a near perfect configuration

Porsche Speedster in a near perfect configuration

This gorgeous specced speedster was found in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in a cool combo with the new Z4 and a old model of the M5, the proper one with the V10.

This owner went all out on speccing his speedster. We see a gorgeous dark green paint, bronze wheels and a black roof. The big yellow ceramic brakes are standard while air-conditioning is an option! In Holland we usually see the trend of owners playing it safe with the cars they buy, what i mean by that is that safe colors are being chosen. Although this Dark green fits this cars perfectly i think it is also the exact match between preserving resale value and making this car truly your own.

The interior is configured in beautiful tan leather, we see the carbons seats and we see a little something that is becoming more and more rare in modern supercars, a manual gearbox.

Is there anything you guys would change about this spec??

Porsche Speedster heeft een perfecte combinatie

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