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Spotted in Moscow, Russia
Date 2012-04-16 18:50

Porsche Panamera TopCar Stingray GTR 07/25

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    Emil  -  2012-04-16 at 19:00

    Already spotted! Great :)

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    Mvd.Spotter  -  2012-04-16 at 19:16

    Geweldig dikke spot! maar door het nieuwe systeem van autogespot kom deze niet in aanraking voor een SVDD.

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    Big_Marx  -  2012-04-17 at 00:08

    Can't say i like it or not but interesting spot!

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    Karsten  -  2012-04-17 at 09:37

    Nice work Kirill, great spot! And of course an awesome car!

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    temuchin  -  2012-04-17 at 20:33

    Kirill can you send me a few originals pohotos to my e-mail -> , including 1st photo, it's coool pix)
    i woul'd set up theese pix on my iMac desktop
    thanks bro!

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    mercedes fan  -  2012-04-18 at 19:30

    Echt een dikke auto

  7. This is not ok

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