Praga R1R in snow and ice?

Praga R1R in snow and ice?

One of the most extreme cars spotted on the road, in probably one of the most extreme conditions you can imagine for a car like this. Not sure why Jan Olson decided to take the Praga R1R on a tour through snow and ice. It certainly will provides for some great footage! The Slovakian-built Praga R1R is about as extreme as road cars get. The R1R is powered by a turbocharged Renaultsport engine, producing 390hp and that is a lot of horses for a car that weighs 1,477 lbs.

We were surprised about Jan Olson's decision to drive a Rebellion in the Gumball 3000. But to drive this car in these conditions even exceeded our imagination! Knowing Jan Olson we expect to see some great footage of this amazing car and how "comfortable" Jan was driving in these conditions.

Praga R1R in sneeuw en ijs?

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