Pretty in Pink, the Bentley Bentayga

Pretty in Pink, the Bentley Bentayga

The perfect car for Barbie? Pretty in pink, a Bentley Bentayga in England.

We are somewhat surprised that you can even order the Bentayga in the color pink. But perhaps is not 'crazy' after all. As long as you can afford it, Bentley wouldn't mind selling you a Bentayga in a pink finish. Because at Bentley the customer is king, and to be honest, each of their own! But if it were up to us, we would most certainly order it in a different color. Because the car in this color doesn't represent class or performance, it kinda looks like a Barbie toy car. We know that it is not easy to stand out with this car, but going this route is in our opinion not the right way to go! What do you think? Beautiful or ugly?

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