Ralph Lauren’s RUF shows up near New York City

Ralph Lauren’s RUF shows up near New York City

We all know that Ralph Lauren is a big fanatic of classic cars. He owns a great collection including a Bugatti 57 S Atlantic, Ferrari 250 GTo and McLaren F1 LM. A few years ago a beautiful photo report was made of his big collection. A lot of people, including myself, didn't know that he also loves tuned Porsches. His RUF CTR3 was spotted in North Salem in New York.

Although the CTR3 looks a bit like the Carrera GT, the car is based on the 997. The power is boosted to 700 hp whichs makes it possible to reach a theoretical top speed of 380 kph and thanks to the 890 Nm of torque, you can sprint to 100 kph in no-time. We can keep on talking about this special but just enjoy the beautiful photos by Rivitography!

Ralph Lauren’s RUF duikt op nabij New York City

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