Rolls-Royce Wraith Palm Edition 999 suits Morocco perfectly

Rolls-Royce Wraith Palm Edition 999 suits Morocco perfectly

The country of Riads, deserts and the Atlas mountains. Those things are not the only things popular in Morocco, Mansory has a big fan base in this country! The past few weeks we have been quite some cars which has undergone the Mansory treatment. This time around it is this Rolls Royce Mansory Wraith Palm Edition 999.

Wheels, roof, grill, all painted in Gold. Whenever the standard Wraith is just not striking enough company’s like Spofec and Mansory are eager to help out. If you want this special Palm Edition It might be too late though, only 7 units will be produced and it doesn’t just stop at the looks. Tuning made the engine produce 740 horse power instead of the standard 622, that’s a proper increase! Still the gold is eyecatcher. The big exterior parts are just painted gold, in the interior however we find actual 24 karat gold in the buttons for the seat adjustment, vents, door handles and of course the Spirit of Ecstasy. If you were wealthy enough, anything you desired could be fitted with gold! Money talks. Rolls-Royce Wraith Palm Edition 999 past perfect in Marokko

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