Safe Driving Technologies That Will Soon Be Standard In All Vehicle

Safe Driving Technologies That Will Soon Be Standard In All Vehicle

The days of car safety that only included seatbelts and anti-lock brakes is already in the past. Thanks to the explosion of technology, driving your car is becoming safer every year. Many of these newer features are already available on many popular models, but either as optional extras or only standard on more expensive trims and packages.

It won’t be too long until your car can nearly drive itself, but we aren’t quite there yet. With the advancements that have already been made, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) claims that the number of smaller fender bender style accidents has dropped significantly.

Accidents are still going to happen of course, and when they do you can get the protection you need by hiring accident lawyers to help you get the compensation that you need to fully recover. Some of these features may already be on your vehicle, but others aren’t quite mainstream yet. You won’t have to wait long, these safety features are expected to be fully available on nearly all models by 2025.

Automated Emergency Braking (AEB)
Sensors placed around the interior and exterior of your car can predict when you are about to have a collision. Whether it be with a stationary object in your way or a car that has made a sudden stop in from of you, AEB can help you stop in time.

When your attention is diverted, you fall asleep at the wheel or there is a medical emergency, the AEB system can help you bring your car to a safe stop before you end up in an accident.

Lane Departure Warning System

One of the most common causes of accidents is when cars drift into another driver’s lane unintentionally, or try and change lanes without seeing a vehicle next to them in their blind spot. Lack of attention due to distracted driving can be deadly in just a few seconds. Using outside perimeter cameras and sensors, your car can now alert you when you start to drift outside of your own lane. In newer models, your car can even start to correct the drift itself before you even have time to react.

Back Up Cameras

Most models of larger vehicles like minivans and SUVs come equipped with some sort of backup assist technology. The bulk of many of the car designs today have made it especially tough to back up safely so the industry has come up with solutions using the best in technology. Cameras mounted on the rear of the vehicle can give drivers a full 180 degree view of where you are going. Some models even come with night vision.

Safe Exit Assist

One of the newest technologies that will be found soon in most family vehicles is the Safe Exit Assist. This will automatically lock the rear doors of your car temporarily when another vehicle is coming up alongside. This technology can essentially prevent your child from exiting the car when there is a risk of getting hit by a passing car.

Facial Recognition

Your phone and other smart gadgets already come with some facial recognition features so why not your car. Your car will soon be able to identify you using recognition software to allow you to start your ignition. This anti-theft security will allow you to have keyless control over your car. The same technology will be used to alert you when you are not focused. Your car will be able to see when you are distracted or fall asleep and alert you to danger.

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