Shelby Series 1 is typical American boldness

Shelby Series 1 is typical American boldness

Americans not only have a very special taste in adjusting cars, even standard you can find some very remarkable models. Take the Shelby Series 1 for example, it isn't really a car that everybody will like. Though the ingredients of this car are really lovely!

A V8 attached to a manual gearbox, that are amazing ingredients. The Shelby Series 1 might produce 'only' 320 hp, you can still sprint to 100 kph in 4.4 seconds. The design comes from 1998 and that's something we can see. The lines look a bit outdated but the sound is still great. The four liter V8 produces a very loud sound through the streets of Vancouver. The sound might be great but not a lot of people will probably like the looks of this car.

Shelby Series 1 is typische Amerikaanse bravoure

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