Simple Ways to Save On Car Expenses

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Simple Ways to Save On Car Expenses

Getting your own car is a very exciting time in your life. You begin your journey of learning how to be an adult and taking care of your personal vehicle.

As the years go by, you start to notice that having a car can be as expensive as being a homeowner. Cars require a lot of maintenance, annual checking, renewing your license, cleaning it, and spending money on filling it up with gas or changing the oil.

If you use your car a lot or commuting to work takes you a long time, it becomes more crucial than ever to learn ways on how to save money as a car owner. 

Luckily, many sites that sell auto parts such as Auto Parts Geek offer ways to help their customers take care of their car without breaking the bank. 

Here are the best tips to save thousands of money when it comes to your car expenses:

Buy auto parts online

The easiest way to save money for car repairs is buying what you need online. Many shoppers are realizing each day that buying everything you need online is a lot cheaper than going to your local store.

The reason that purchasing for auto parts online is cheaper is due to the fact that store owners need to pay for store expenses such as utility, taxes, and paying their employees. 

Online auto parts stores have the ability to sell auto parts and car accessories at a discounted rate. It is common to find what you need online for a price that’s 40% cheaper than what you find in store. 

Here are the best sites automotive online shops to consider:

PartsGeek: Provides some of the best prices, incredible fast shipping, and sell auto parts for vintage cars. 
Auto Parts Warehouse: Perfect for first time car owners, as they have a great team to answer your questions and a hotline available 24/7. 
Amazon Automotive: If you are a prime member, this is a great time to take advantage of it. Amazon has a lot of benefits for their members and that include reviews for auto parts from verified buyers.

Look for coupons and promo codes

Many stores will offer weekly or monthly deals, as well as special offers for new customers or loyal members.

Do some research online to find stores that allow you to use coupons for a discounted price on auto parts and accessories. 

Auto parts shops such as Pep Boys provide loyalty rewards and free service that only members can get. Other deals also include buying 3 tires and receiving the 4th one free of charge.

If you look online you will find special sites that have a lot of promo codes available to use for anything you need to purchase. 

Spend some time searching and comparing

Nowadays you will find that many companies are competing with each other to win a new customer. Take some time to search online for the best sites to order from and take advantage of how easy it is to compare prices from the comfort of your own home. 

For example, buying auto parts online can become very costly due to taxes and shipping. Some online auto parts shops will offer customers free shipping for spending a certain amount of money. 

Many shops also have a 30 day return policy that makes purchasing auto parts a lot easier if you are new to doing this yourself and without a mechanic buying it for you. 

Use the right motor oil

Motor oil can either extend the lifespan of your car or cause some damage. When making a decision to buy a motor oil for your car you need to purchase the one that the car’s manufacturer recommends to use. 

There are a lot of cheaper options to choose from but using the right motor oil will cause less friction in the engine that happens from the metal surfaces grinding together. 

When buying motor oil, look for ones that can conserve energy and include additives that reduce friction. 

Bundle your insurance

Looking for an insurance company that offers a bundle will save you tons of money.

Using a single company to insure your home and your car can save you 15% a year. Studies have reported that car owners who bundle their car insurance with their home insurance have saved hundreds of dollars a year. 

Even if you are not a homeowner, spend some time shopping for a car insurance that offers bundles with other kinds of insurance such as pet insurance discounts. 

Repair it yourself

Some repairs are easy enough to do it on your own and without the risk of ruining your car. Some of those easy repairs that you can handle yourself are replacing the lights, changing the wiper blades, and fixing the fuse. 

With a lot of how-to videos available on YouTube, it makes perfect sense to start watching them to see what kind of repairs you can do without paying for labor costs by taking it to a mechanic. 

You will also save a ton of time doing it on your own, as you won’t have to drive up to an automotive shop and wait for them to assist you. 

Replacing the small things in your car such as the wipers and the lights can save you a $100 or more depending on what kind of car you own. 

File your claim when you need to

Your car insurance premium can increase up to 45% if you file a claim after an accident that was deemed to be your fault. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you hit or scratch a car and only minor damages are found, it might be best to check how much it will cost for the repairs. 

Learning when you can file an insurance claim and when it’s best to pay for repairs out of pocket can save you $500 a year. There are insurance claim calculators available online to use if you aren’t sure which option is the best. 

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