Site news: Internationalization

Site news: Internationalization

Today we take a major step in the internationalization of Autogespot. To provide you even more exclusive and remarkable spots, it is now possible for every spotter to read the website in his or her language. That is exactly what we are trying to achieve. Since last week, we've been busy to offer you two other languages besides Dutch. We are proud to announce that the website is now also available in French and English!

With these languages, we are taking a step in the right direction to make the website even more accessible for other people. The more people we can serve, the more spots we receive, and that is what it's all about. Who does not want to see that nice looking Lamborghini Reventón Roadster from Texas or just that one exclusive Ferrari F430 from the French speaking Pondicherry in India? With the internationalization of Autogespot, we want to get rid of the barricades we had by only offering Autogespot in Dutch. Now, French and English is only the beginning and we hope we can offer the website in many other languages within a short time!

Site news: Internationalization

Autogespot is going international. We want to become a major global player in the exclusive car showcasing industry. Although we are already known in many countries outside of the Netherlands, our site is still written in Dutch. Until today! From today on we are extending the Autogespot website with localized pages in their native languages. As we can’t do this all by ourselves, we’re looking for enthusiastic exclusive car lovers who’d like to write and translate for us, and become part of the Autogespot team.

You are:
- At least 18 years of age,
- Passionate about exclusive cars,
- Knowledgeable about these cars
- Willing to write localized content for Autogespot on a daily basis?

In short:
- are you the right person for this job and ready to join us on this adventure?

If so, please apply as a writer/translator.

Of course there are benefits to write for Autogespot. Not only you are part of the growing Autogespot family, when you write articles on a daily basis, there are more benefits, like a monetary indemnity or a press-pass for exclusive car-exhibits.

What we expect from a writer:
- You write articles about the latest exclusive car news and bizarre, prominent or best spots in your country.
- You promote Autogespot on related fora in your country
- You visit car-exhibits and other exclusive car related events to promote Autogespot.
- Language skills: English and your own language

Are you interested in writing for us, and so you think, you’ve got what it takes? Please apply as a writer by sending your motivation by e-mail to

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    NETHERLANDS Micha & Joël D.  -  2012-05-04 at 13:34

    @fromalk: I think you should also take into consideration that the people from AutoGespot are Dutch, they spend a lot of their spare time to make this site available for everyone. I also think the point you make is the motive to write this article, because we Dutch have a lack of good English we need people such as you :).

    OT: I think it is a big step for AutoGespot too become bigger :)!

  2. Profile pic
    BELGIUM fromalk  -  2012-05-04 at 13:44

    I agree and it wasn't meant in a negative way. However I think such an important article should be proof-written before publishing.

    So: keep up the good work guys

  3. Profile pic
    SLOVENIA Big_Marx  -  2012-05-04 at 13:58

    English was on like 1 week ago, just saying :D Yea keep good work up, btw; in how many languages website will be translated?

  4. Profile pic
    ALGERIA RJL  -  2012-05-04 at 14:24

    Good, makes the site much more professional. Hopefully the immature little kids will stay away now.

    Great job.

  5. Profile pic
    BELGIUM autojunior  -  2012-05-05 at 23:11

    mooi hoor jullie zijn echt snel en goed gegroeid. Dit is echt een grote stap en ik ben er zeker van dat jullie binnenkort bij de topwebsites zullen behoren, allesinds ik vertrouw erin ;)

  6. This is not ok

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