Site news: new rules from 11 January 2022

Site news: new rules from 11 January 2022

2022 is here and that means we're gonna adjust the rules. We're implementing new rules for spotting on the highway and at the Nuerburgring. We're changing the option to report spots and we revise the quality rule. In this article you'll read what's gonna happen.

Reporting spots not endlessly possible
We're seeing regular reports for bad quality for cars that have been online since 2005. To end these reports, it will no longer be possible to report spots older than five years, unless they are your own. In case you have an urgent reason why spots need to be reported, you're invited to email us. Keep in mind that reporting wrong types/brands/cities/license plates etc will still be possible.

Improved quality: no more spots with two photos
From now on spots with one or two photos are no longer accepted. Three photos is the new minimum. So a single front and rear is not longer accepted. Cropping a third photo from one of the previous photos is not allowed either, just like a third photo that's barely different from the other two.

Expanding rules for spotting at the Nuerburgring
- The Nuerburgring is the only track from where it's allowed to upload spots taken in the area and that has its own rule. To clear up issues with events, it's no longer allowed to upload spots if there was a car/truck/motorbike event on the calender. You'll find the calendar here. Spotting during VLN, Karfreitag and other one-day events is hereby banned.

- We're also expanding the banned area. The current rules are not only applied in Adenau and Nuerburg, but also in all surrounding towns like Muellenbach, Herschbroich, Barweiler, Kempenich, Quiddelbach, Meuspath, Drees, Welcherath. This also applies to access roads like the B258 and B257 to the A61 and A1.

- We're no longer accepting all of the the BMW M2, M3, M4 and Porsche Cayman to avoid quantity uploads. Uploading Ringspots is a privilege and not a right. We decide on a per-spot basis if the Nuerburgringrule is applicable or not.

Spots from the highway restricted
To regain variety and to accommodate visitors, we're gonne restrict the daily flow of spots from the highway.

- That means an even stricter enforcement on quality. You need at least three angles: front, rear and side.

- We're implementing a checkmark-system. From now on you have to tick a checkmark in the upload screen that your spot is made on the highway. If you don't comply or if you 'forget', then you'll be banned for seven days. If you repeatedly fail to comply, other sanctions might follow.

- Every spotter has a max of five highway spots per day. That's a total of five, not per country.

If your highway spot doesn't meet these guidelines, then we'll remove your spot and you're not eligible for re-upload.

What's considered a highway spot?
Of course anything on highways/interstates, but also major autoroutes, such a B-roads in Germany, or N-roads. Also ring roads/beltways in or around cities are seen as highways.

We decide the quality
In the end, Autogespot decides if the quality of a spot is sufficient. We're not open for debate on that topic. We're also not been on a witch hunt for bad quality of highway spots. We're not tolerating bad behavior towards other spotters to improve the atmosphere on our website. If we think your highway spot is insufficient, we'll remove the spot.

Do you have a question about a location where you've been camping and do you wonder if this counts as a highway spot? Or do you want to know something about spotting around the Nuerburgring? Send us an email. Questions are free throughout the year.

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