Special: Ferrari F12berlinetta ONYX Concept F2X Longtail

Special: Ferrari F12berlinetta ONYX Concept F2X Longtail

We have over 5,000 spots of the standard Ferrari F12berlinetta on our site, so the car is no longer an eye catcher for the veteran car fan and spotter. But when you have the opportunity to spot a F12berlinetta ONYX Concept F2X Longtail it is a complete different story. Tuning house ONYX did an amazing job with the Ferrari F12berlinetta and the Concept F2X Longtail is absolutely stunning to see, and to spot. It might not be to everybody's taste, but it is for sure an eye catcher.

Onyx was created to challenge and to question conformity, to rewrite the canvas that we have been forced to accept by living with mass produced automobiles that are beginning to lose their individuality. Luxury cars and their special style have always appealed to Trevor, the owner and creator of this bespoke styling movement. His drive, dynamism and respect of bespoke craftsmanship through technical advancement has lead Onyx down a path in a quest for perfection. Creating a product that isn’t diluted from original concept to end product.

Onyx only uses the most precious materials, and the most luxurious and the best technical advancements available within this field. Their in-house technicians use F1 scanning equipment on the prototype car that captures 4D data with the highest resolution and accuracy. This data contains flawless geometry of the surface of the vehicle both externally and internally with no incremental errors, as used in aerospace design. The designers then collect all the data and work to create Trevor’s vision using the very latest software and equipment available to the automotive and motorsport sector. Designing a product which can be brought to market with greater aesthetics and efficiency in compliance with regulation and quality standard. The end result speaks for itself!

Speciaal: Ferrari F12berlinetta ONYX Concept F2X Longtail

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