Spot of the day USA: Corvette C8 by TYI

Spot of the day USA: Corvette C8 by TYI

Unfortunately we have yet to see this car in the mainland of Europe but in Dublin, Ohio the second uncamouflaged car has been spotted. Will we bee seeing the C8 a lot of Europe? That remains the question, because whereas they are great value for the amount of car you get in the US in Europe the prices are a lot higher.

Quite a lot has changed it this corvette which worries some enthusiasts. The V8 is no longer up front but has been moved back to the middle. Witch might just make it popular in Europe since quite some car brads in Europe use the Mid-engine concept. The car was even rigorously tested on the N├╝rburgring where it was spotted and uploaded to the site quite a few times. The V8 produces 490 BHP and that propels the car from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds! This particular car has the optional performance package. The spoiler is a bit more sporty, 5 bhp more and more powerful brakes. This makes the car just that little bit cooler.

Congrats TYI for getting the Spot of the day with your upload! I hope you are stacking up some spots, we would love to see more of your finds!

Gespot in Dublin: Chevrolet Corvette C8

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