Spot of the day USA: Ferrari 458 Speciale By

Spot of the day USA: Ferrari 458 Speciale By

Todays spot of the day originates out of Italy and was spotted San Francisco, meaning the car had already travelled well over 6000 miles before the owner even got to see it in person.

By the looks of the page of he is usually based in Switzerland but he must have had a stay in the USA since he has uploaded nearly 30 spots from the USA. Coincidentally he also managed to grab the spot of the day in Switzerland as well by uploading an insane Koenigsegg Agera RS ML.

The 458 speciale is a an amazing car, the N/A V8 engine producing 35bhp more than the regular 458 which Ferrari claims is the highest power output ever for a N/A engine for road legal purposes. The speciale had quite a legacy to follow, predecessors are the 360 Challenge stradale and the 430 Scuderia.

Robin, congrats on spot of the day #40 for you already. You have spotted some amazing cars already and I hope you will continue to do so!

Spot of the day USA: Ferrari 458 Speciale By

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    SWITZERLAND  -  2020-03-21 at 20:26

    Thanks Jasper!
    Yeah, some family members live in San Francisco and Toronto, Canada.


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