Spot of the day USA: Ferrari 488 Pista spider.

Spot of the day USA: Ferrari 488 Pista spider.

Opspotters managed to grab the spot of the day with his spot of this great looking 488 Spider. The 488 pista spider is identical to the regular 488 pista except for the foldable roof and the added 50kg in weight. I dare anyone to get in the car and notice that weight increase though! With 720 BHP and 770nm Torque i dont think this car will underwhelm anyone! Just like in the 488 pista Ferrari had plenty of carbon fibre laying around, waiting to be used.

The predecessor of the 458 speciale aperta has not yet shown its production numbers, where the speciale aperta had a limited run of 499 numbers (499 to honor Enzo’s philosophy to produce one car less than the demand). So we will have to wait but production numbers are rumored to be 1 spider vs 4 coupes. Making the spider increasingly rare. i personally still have to catch both the spider and the coupe.

OPspotters, congrats on finding your first Pista and congrats on spot of the day!

Spot of the day USA: Ferrari 488 Pista spider.

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OPspotters  -  2020-03-08 at 14:37

    Hey Jasper, thanks for the article!!! Appreciate it!

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