Spot of the day USA: Ferrari F12berlinetta Creative Bespoke SVR

Spot of the day USA: Ferrari F12berlinetta Creative Bespoke SVR

This car is definitely quite the eye catcher, this car started out as a regular F12 berlinetta. There is very little wrong with a regular F12 but there are always those people who are not happy with the presence of just another regular V12 Ferrari. For those people, Creative Bespoke jumps in with quite the extensive body kit.

I did a quick copy paste of all the stuff that was changed/added:

List of upgrades and the build sheet as follows :
. SVR ( auto veloce) aero kit in carbon version $33,000
* front and rear bumper replacements
* side carbon blades
* rear carbon wing
* front and rear carbon defuser
* side carbon vents
. Novitec sport springs and alignment $ 2800
. Vossen hyper forgged wheels in 21" wrapped in Michelin tires $8800
. muffler delete and power box upgrade $2500
. custom red Shields and trim work $1100
. ceramic coating and color correction $1200
. front clear bra paint protection $1000
. installation , paint and bodywork $ 10800
for total build sheet of over $61,000

$61,000 dollars!! For a body kit! That's the price of a 2020 Mustang Shelby GT350, just to show how insane this is.
This is only the second car spotted with this bodykit and i know of the existence of at least 2 more so with this bodykit you do get a certain sense of exclusivity.

Although this bodykit might be a bit to much for me, especially with the golden wheels. When i look at the color, the striping and the beautiful white interior the car really comes together. The white interior is matching great with the stripe and front splitter. The red of the front splitter and the stripe can also be found in the mirrors, the brake callipers, the seats and the seatbelt. So you can really see someone put a lot of thought into this car.

Congrats Hertj94 with this amazing spot and congrats on the spot of the day!

Spot of the day USA: Ferrari F12berlinetta Creative Bespoke SVR

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