Spot of the day: Belgium 18-5-2020

Spot of the day: Belgium 18-5-2020

2 cars produced for the racing industry in a row! Whereas we saw the Lancia Stratos HF being highlighted out of Monaco yesterday, today we see a very rare Porsche 904 Carrera GTS.

Where the Lancia was produced for the rally sport the Porsche was designed to compete in the FIA-GT Class. 104 road legal units were produced as was required to meet the homologation regulations. The 904 was the first Porsche to get a full fiberglass body and a also the first to be equipped with a ladder chassis.

In my opinion this car is one of the most beautiful race cars every build, and you seemed to share this opinion since you elected this spot as spot of the day!

Congrats to Auto-moto0611 for collecting his 172th gold throphy!

Spot of the day: Belgium 18-5-2020

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