Spot of the day: Canada 29-4-2020

Spot of the day: Canada 29-4-2020

Quite the Lambo combo uploaded from Canada today. No less than five Lamborghini’s can be found in these pictures. There is even a sneaky Aston Martin hiding in the background.

In normal circumstances the Huracan would be the least exciting car in this line up of Lambo’s. However, this Huracan was fiddled with by Vorsteiner. Vorsteiner offers a few packages you can add to your car such as front air fenders, earo side skirts, a new exhaust system, a spoiler and a new front splitter.

Unfortunately this car is only equipped with the revised front bumper. Quite a shame since I thing the full package looks absolutely amazing but when you add only the front bumper it looks a bit out of place. The front bumper is not the only thing that the owner has done to make this car stand out from the crowd. A cool camo wrap has been added which consists of the Lamborghini bull in different shades and sizes. Finding a car like this would make my day, finding it in a combo like this would probably make my month!

Spot of the day: Canada 29-4-2020

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