Spot of the day: Finland 27-4-2020

Spot of the day: Finland 27-4-2020

I know what you’re thinking, a BMW M4? Is that really the best Finland can do? The answer is very simple, no. Many amazing cars have been spotted in Finland including the like of a Porsche 918, several top end Ferrari and Lamborghini models and a lot more! I can advise everyone to take a look at the spots originating out of Finland.

The car I am writing about today is of course the BMW M4, with all the massively expensive and powerful super and hyper cars we see being uploaded on a daily basis it is easy to get spoiled into overlooking the BMW. Spotter finnishexotics got some amazing shots of this BMW, it is looking pretty standard except for the wheels, the red wheels look amazing against the black bodywork and really make the car stand out!

In comparison to all the hyper and supercars this car kind of fades into the background but lets not forgot this is still a very sporty and above all very fun machine! It is equipped with six neatly lined up cylinders being supported by a set of turbo’s producing a healthy 431 horse power and 550nm of torque. Don’t underestimate this car since this car still does 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds.

Finnishexotics, thanks for sharing these pictures with us and congratulations on the spot of the day award!

Spot of the day: Finland 27-4-2020

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    NETHERLANDS jasper1  -  2020-04-28 at 07:20


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    FINLAND finnishexotics  -  2020-04-28 at 09:47

    Cool, thanks for featuring this! And yes, there are plenty of nice and rare cars out there to be caught.

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