Spot of the day: France 28-4-2020

Spot of the day: France 28-4-2020

Orange is a color that fits perfectly on any Lamborghini. But then again, so does yellow, green, red, blue, black, white. Silver etc etc. My point is, it is quite hard to make a Lamborghini look bad, especially the all new EVO.

The Huracan EVO is quite the upgrade when compared to the former Huracan. The former Huracan has already been on sale for 5 years (since 2015) so It was due a predecessor. The new EVO is now replacing the Huracan as Lamborghini’s entry level V8 model.

The 5,2 liter V10 produces and additional 30 horse power, the Huracan EVA now has a Torque vectoring system that applies to all four wheels and rear wheel steering. Of course there are also the visual differences between the car. At the rear the 4 lower exhaust pipes have been replaced by 2 center placed exhaust pipes, following the former Huracan Performante. A little spoiler was added and the front bumper was redesigned as well. Inside the car the EVA was gifted a new 8.4 inch touchscreen

Another cool option that I spot on this Huracan EVO is the so called Lamborghini Telemetry, this is a option worth around €5000 and what this option gives you is a camera behind the front window and a camera in between the seats. These 2 camera’s can be turned on when you enter a race track and want to review your laps afterwards!

Those black callipers? Another €1200, the Arancio Xanto paint? Another €12,720! The wheels? Another €3000. Parts of the bumpers in high gloss black? That would be another €1800 please. This should give you just a small impression on how quickly the amount of money you will be departing with grows when you start speccing a car like this to your likings!

C.M.Supercars Photography, Congrats on your spot of the day and I cant wait for you to upload the Ferrari!

Spot of the day: France 28-4-2020

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