Spot of the day: Morocco 30-4-2020

Spot of the day: Morocco 30-4-2020

The city of Tanger in Morroco has already provided us with close to 400 uploaded spot, which is approximately 20% off all the spots originating out of Morroco. According to you guys the best spot uploaded today was this great looking Mercedes-Bens SLR McLaren Roadster.

Powered by a 5.4 liter AMG V8 this car produces 623 horse power and a 780NM of Torque, a full carbon fiber body and when it was introduced it was the fastest automatic, road legal car in the world! When you combine that with the crazy looks and the amazing doors and there wont be many heads that don’t turn when you drive by. This car was presented as a very powerfull car which could also drive you to your dream destination and deliver you well rested. Is this the ultimate GT car?

Cars488 Ahmed Mssassi Congrats on your first spot of the day and I hope we can expect a lot more spots from Morroco from you!

Spot of the day: Morocco 30-4-2020

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