Spot of the day: United Kingdom 28-5

Spot of the day: United Kingdom 28-5

Shmee150, probably one of the most famous automotive youtubers to bring us all the news on the ever changing car scene while owning his very own fleet of some pretty serious weaponry. The latest edition to the collection is featured in this spot and is immediately one of my favorites.

Anyone who follows Shmee150 on YouTube knows that he likes to personalize his cars, whether that is from factory taking us through the entire process of the building of the car or with aftermarket parts like his heavily modified Ford Focus RS. This Mercedes however was completely repainted which is a first for the channel. Originally the car was painted Himalaya’s grey but the car has since been repainted in the color Mercedes design Mystic Blue. I think that the blue looks absolutely amazing. Only 2 SLS AMG Black series are painted in this specific color world wide and since the wheels where swapped for the silver ones that makes this car a one off. It is literally the only SLS AMG Black Series painted in Mercedes Design Mystic Blue and fitted with Silver wheels in the ENTIRE world. Owning a car like this, completely specced to your personal likings must be something quite special.

Spotter TFJJ was given the ability to take some pictures of the now finished car and boy did the make the best out of the opportunity. Freddy sure knows what he is doing and has been providing the site with quite some quality spots for a while now. This is actually his 15th spot of the day, in a row! The list consists of the likes of several Pagani’s, a Koenigsegg, the very first Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake that was uploaded to the site, and to top it all of a Ferrari 250 GTO, the absolute holy grail when it comes to car spotting!

Freddy, congrats on yet another spot of the day and I can only assume the experience was an awesome one. I really hope you keep providing us with these insane spots!

Shmee150 zijn Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series prachtig vastgelegd

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