Spot of the year 2020: Ferrari 250 GTO

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  • 2021-02-24 16:06
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Spot of the year 2020: Ferrari 250 GTO

In recent weeks you could vote for the semi-finals of the Spot of the year and finally the grand final of the Spot of the year! More than 2,000 votes were casted to determine who to become the Spot of the year 2020. The winner is already in the title of this article, but we will dive into it a little further!

The winner is the Ferrari 250 GTO spotted in London by TFJJ. TFJJ could already consider himself lucky when he was able to take a passengerride in this very expensive car, but can now enjoy the fact that he has become Spot of the year 2020! Only 39 copies of the Ferrari 250 GTO were produced. When it came on the market in 1962, this car only cost $18,000. That amount has now risen to millions of euros. The Gran Turismo Omologato was designed to take part in racing, with its main competitors being the Shelby Cobra and Jaguar E-Type. This car already reached a top speed of more than 250 km/h in 1962! All this was made possible by a V12 with 290 hp at 7,400 rpm. The sprint to 100 km/h per hour was performed within six seconds. In terms of luxury it was a bad situation in this 250 GTO but that is also the intention of a racer! For example, it was equipped with plastic windows and it had no sound insulation in the interior, so you could hear the V12 roar well. We can also experience this in the video that TFJJ has added to this spot and makes it even more unique. A deserved Spot of the Year for 2020. Congratulations TFJJ!

Spot of the year 2020: Ferrari 250 GTOClick on the photo to view more photo's of this spot! !

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