Spot of the Year: Lewis Hamilton and Justin Bieber in a Pagani Zonda

Spot of the Year: Lewis Hamilton and Justin Bieber in a Pagani Zonda

What do you get when you combine a camera, Justin Bieber, Lewis Hamilton, a Pagani Zonda LH and a sunny day in Monaco? If you’re reading this you should know the result is a Spot of the Year!

I hear you thinking, ‘that’s a coincidence, Lewis Hamilton owns a Zonda LH’ but this is no coincidence. Besides making extremely special cars, Pagani is very good at creating one-off special editions. The result of this skill is, amongst many other Zondas, the Zonda 760 LH. What sets the car apart from the other special edition Zondas is of course the unique paint job, the engine and the owner. We assume it produces 760 hp, the owner is (one of) the best F1 driver(s) in the world and the passenger is one of the most idolized (and hated) pop singers of the world.

There can only be one winner of the Spot of the Year and this year it’s MKSpots! Congratulations!

We were planning to unveil the Spot of the Year together with the new website but unfortunately we’re facing some delays. We cannot wait to show you our new design after six years and hope to be online soon! Until then, feast your eyes on the beautiful spots that are uploaded to the site every hour!

Spot van het jaar: Lewis Hamilton en Justin Bieber in de Pagani Zonda

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