Spotted: Bugatti Chiron takes a stroll through Zurich.

Spotted: Bugatti Chiron takes a stroll through Zurich.

When you own a Bugatti Chiron, you dont have anything to prove. This car was spotted driving at a steady pace through the city of Zurich by Nico K.

If you ever travel to Zurich you might want to find out where Nico K is at, it seems like he is a supercar magnet. Time after time he provides us with the most amazing spot and last week he manged to suprise us once again. When you take a look at his profile and you see a impressive list of spotted cars containing 12 different models of the Veyron, 3 Chirons and 2 EB110's. And that is just the Bugatti part of the list. This chiron is casually mixing into trafic but everyone will be able to tell that we are dealing with one of the fastest cars in the world!

Gespot: Bugatti Chiron rolt rustig door Zurich

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    SWITZERLAND  -  2020-03-21 at 14:45

    The owner took delivery of the Chiron on that exact day! Had the opportunity to have a chat with him during a gas station fill up.

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    INDIA rizwanali104  -  2020-05-06 at 07:04

    Hello Friends,

  3. This is not ok

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