Spotted: Stunning Lexus LFA dressed in red

Spotted: Stunning Lexus LFA dressed in red

The Lexus LFA is a rare appearance on our site. The car has been around for almost 7 years and has been spotted just over 100 times. The LFA production was limited to only 500 copies, and just 40 copies were delivered in Europe and 181 copies in North America. This copy in red looks stunning and it is a perfect color for this rare and exclusive car.

In 2000 Lexus engineers began the journey that culminated in the production of an amazing supercar. The rear-wheel drive LFA is dynamically styled and powered by a sophisticated high-revving 9,000 rpm (redline) 4.8-liter V10 engine that generates 552 hp and 354 lb.-ft. of torque for adrenaline-fuelled 202- mph performance. This specially-developed powerplant is paired with a unique six-speed Automated Sequential Gearbox (ASG) with blazing-quick paddle-activated shifts for ultimate driver control. Linked by a rigid torque tube for excellent drivetrain integrity, the ASG is located in a transaxle layout over the rear axle for an optimal 48:52 front-to-rear weight distribution. Motorsport-developed lightweight aluminum alloy suspension components are complemented by Carbon Ceramic Material (CCM) brake discs and an innovative electrically assisted rack and pinion steering system.

The LFA’s sporty styling is distinguished by coherent lines that flow from roof to sill in a seamless convex to concave line for sophisticated aerodynamics. Its front-mid engine layout, long wheelbase, short overhangs, and snug, low-slung cabin identify it as a supercar. A dramatic low-slung cockpit has been intelligently designed and hand-assembled with the finest materials to reflect the car’s driver-centric dynamics. The intimate two-seat cabin has been conceived at every stage – ergonomics, acoustics, materials, comfort, versatility and visibility levels have all been painstakingly engineered – to put the driver at the center of the amazing driving experience.

Rode Lexus LFA is ongelofelijk sexy

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