Spyshots: BMW M5 CS will be fastest BMW ever

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  • 2020-11-16 13:47
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Spyshots: BMW M5 CS will be fastest BMW ever

BMW sometimes lets u guess what they have up on their sleeve. This BMW M5 got spotted with camouflage but we now know what is coming!

We can show you the BMW M5 Competition Sport (CS). The fastest BMW of all time till date according to Augusto Farfus. Augusto is the test driver of BMW and he tells us the M5 CS will be lighter, more powerful and even stiffer then the Competition! To be exactly the M5 will get 635 hp, 10 more then the Competition. The interior will be lightly stripped and the seats will be replaced by carbon fiber seats. This will save 70 kilos. The exterior will be also adjusted slightly. On the photos of this spot we can already spot a small spoiler on the boot.

Spyshots: BMW M5 CS wordt snelste BMW ooitKlik op de foto voor meer foto's van deze spot!

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