Stealth combo in Marbella

Stealth combo in Marbella

This time no Ferrari 488 GTB in red, yellow or black. No, this car was wrapped in a stealth-like blue color, just like the Mercedes SLS AMG next to it. This matte wrap makes both cars look really special!

The cars were spotted near the harbour in Marbella. The owner of the cars was probably relaxing on his yacht and enjoying the beautiful views. At first sight the wrap looks pretty cool but we guess that you will soon get enough of this color. But on the other hand that's the big advantage of a wrap. As soon as you're done with the wrap you can easily choose something new. The 670 hp strong Ferrari sprints to 100 kph in just 3.3 seconds but this combo shows us that you also can stand out when you've parked your car in Marbella.

Stealth combo gespot in Marbella

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    NORWAY Jezza25  -  2016-08-15 at 10:43

    Whats even more stunning, is that the owner has a fleet of matt blue wrapped cars. Including an Aventador and a 991 Turbo S Cab. An awesome combination!

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