Suitable SVJ for Tokyo

Suitable SVJ for Tokyo

The Japanese car scene seems really cool, as we can often see from various spots. Here, a very fitting Aventador SVJ appears in Tokyo, accompanied by other high-performance cars.

When Europeans or Americans travel to Japan, they will quickly notice that there are cars there that we don't see in our countries. Whether it's buses, limousines, or SUVs, they simply have their own versions of everything. When you look at the streets, the overall picture is just completely different. As soon as a supercar or hypercar appears (which of course looks exactly the same all over the world), a pretty cool effect is created. In the pictures, we see a whole range of supercars: an orange SVJ, a Huracan Performante, and an SF90 Stradale, all of Italian origin. In the background, among the many Japanese cars, you can also see a Urus, a Macan, and a Panamera, which are also very familiar to us. All in all, these cars are very popular among the Japanese because, for them, these cars are like unicorns.

Suitable SVJ for TokyoClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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