Surprise, Ferrari 488 'Special Series'

Surprise, Ferrari 488 'Special Series'

Once again, Ferrari was not able to keep this secret. Thanks to modern day technology it is so easy to snap a photo with a tiny little camera, or a mobile phone for that matter. And it appears that one of Ferrari's "loyal" customers didn't follow the rules to keep this new Ferrari a secret. On the other hand, we like to be surprised and what we see here is the new Ferrari 488 'Special Series'. This is the Ferrari that will dethrone the LaFerrari with a better lap-time at the Fiorano track.

We will know more details in a couple of months when the Geneva show is in full swing. But for new can see some details in this picture, including a new bumper, new aerodynamic features and the new air intake that will move the air from the front bumper over the front of the 488, to improve the overall downforce. The engine will come from the 488 Challenge car and that means that the Special Series will be lighter and put out 700+ horses. We can't wait for the details and a match between the Huracan Performante and the new 488 Special Series.

Ook hallo, de Ferrari 488 'Special Series'

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