Surprised by rain on the drive

Surprised by rain on the drive

When you have a car collection, you need to drive the cars regularly to prevent them from getting damage from sitting idle. Usually, you pick a nice day for this. However, the Miura was surprised by the rain on this drive.

Collecting cars is a wonderful thing. Many cars, however, are driven very rarely. The reason: to keep the mileage as low as possible so the vehicles can be sold at a higher value. However, some collectors take the low mileage too seriously. This can be extremely harmful to a car. A car is like an organism. It has various fluid systems that need to stay in motion. All lines should be active from time to time. If this doesn’t happen, the car can suffer serious damage. This is especially true for modern cars. If the car has a hybrid system, it should be driven regularly, as the battery system can also suffer significant damage from disuse. And we all know how expensive new batteries are.

The Lamborghini Miura has neither a hybrid system nor is it a modern car. The classic should also be driven regularly to prevent damage from sitting idle. Here we see a Miura owned by the young McLaren Formula 1 driver Lando Norris. He hasn’t owned this Miura for very long, but he’s doing one thing right: he drives his Miura from time to time. Here we see him even driving in the rain through Monaco. This way, he can test whether all the seals are still tight or if they have become brittle over the years and are now leaking.

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