Tarform Motorcycle Unveils Their First Retro Electric Bike

Tarform Motorcycle Unveils Their First Retro Electric Bike

New York is filled with start-ups, so when one makes headlines, it is a big achievement. Tarform, a New York start-up that has managed to defy all odds and rapidly make a name for it by drawing the attention of the press and media, has done so with the announcement of their first model, an electric bike that combines retro styling with modern manufacturing techniques like few, if none, have managed before.

The hipster-levels of cool it delivers don’t come cheap, though, anyone interested in it having to take $18,000 out of their wallet. Nevertheless, the exorbitant price is understandable as it not only looks apart from all other bikes, its specs and technical info placing it way ahead of competition at the moment. Ready for delivery in 2019, you can pre-order via Tarform’s website the standard model or the collector’s edition version that has a spicier starting price of $28,000.

Open system and its perks
Are you used to tinkering and making changes to your motorcycle, spending hours in the garage to rev everything up to your caprices? Then you will be glad to learn that its open system allows tinkering just like traditional rides do, something almost unachievable with electric models up to this point.
Modular swapping is possible, which implies that you can change or upgrade parts as you like after you get your hands on it. What makes this accomplishable is the design and manufacturing style of the ride. Made through the method of 3D printing using recyclable biomaterials, not only is it ingeniously designed to let tinkerers have their fun and do the right upgrades to personalize their ride, but it preach Need for speed satisfied

Has your first thought regarding electric motorcycles always been that they are limited? Well, know that this isn’t the case anymore as Tarform has finally provided a fix for what displeases bike lovers who like the rush of speeding down streets. Although its style is quite minimalistic, you will be surprised to learn that it is said to go 120mph for 90 miles on a single charge, an impressive statistic considering its electric profile. Alas, when it does come out in 2019 will be the moment when we all get to test its capabilities, until then only going only on the image painted by the start-up.

Modern tech integrated with a timeless design
If you thought that the tech innovation stops at the Eco-friendly and ingenious manufacturing method, you couldn’t be more wrong. As a matter of fact, the 3D printing used to make it pales in comparison to its other specs and highlights.
It features integrated sensors and artificial intelligence that help keep the rider informed on the road, which implies that it provides notifications of surroundings on the display mounted on the bars. Issues like blind spots caused by helmets are solved with this smart addition, overall safety while riding being greatly enhanced as a result. Else here is a good article regarding the best helmet cams.

App integration with the bike is possible as well. The perks riders reap include that they will receive useful notifications of charging and scheduled maintenance over their phones. It will be easier than ever to keep the vehicle in a top-notch condition for a longer time precisely due to this feature, those who tend to overlook maintenance now getting the heads-up they need to fulfill their responsibilities.

Taras Kravtchouk’s greatest achievement yet
The Silicon Valley pedigree of the company CEO and the futuristic thinking is what make it a raging success and the ‘talk of the town’. Taras Kravtchouk has worked on a number of head-turning ICE motorcycle designs during his career despite his young age, and as he saw that the interest in electric vehicles is on a constant upraise, took it upon himself to revolutionize the biker world by building this new type of motorcycle that better integrates with the 21st century.

Urban cities across the world are increasingly congested, which has made many people yearn for smarter and greener ways to commute. This need is solved by Tarform Motorcycles, the smart move away from traditional manufacturing to a green, optimized, and efficient production pinning the company at the top as it is on the road to redefining how vehicles are being made.

As Tarform managed to make a big fuss with their future release, other companies are starting to join in on this game too, Harley Davidson, one of the best known American motorcycle brands promising to debut their own electric model in the near future as well. This is great news for us consumers, more options being available in the future for us to pick from. Until then, 2019 is rapidly approaching, and it will be interesting to see how the entire retro bike craze unfolds and how the public will ultimately respond to this new release.

Tarform, the electric bike start-up that is in the spotlight right now, has earned its spot amongst the most talked about subjects with the release of its first model, which is a blend of retro styling and modern manufacturing techniques.

Tarform Motorcycle Unveils Their First Retro Electric Bike

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