The 5 Best Ways To Take A Camping Trip

The 5 Best Ways To Take A Camping Trip

Camping is a hugely popular activity and has been the cornerstone of vacation choices for generations. But one thing is for sure, camping is not a one size fits all description, it can mean many different things. Here are five of the best ways to take a camping trip and we’ll take a good look at what they all entail.

Hiking & Camping
This type of camping is either the only way to do it or it’s a painful, exhausting waste of time, depending on your point of view that is. For this type of trip the main criteria is weight since you are carrying everything on your back you need to be mindful of how it all adds up. You will also be further from help and the trappings of civilization if anything goes wrong so you will need to be up to date on your survival techniques and first aid skills.

Over the last decade or so glamping has become the go-to middle-class way for many people, couples and even families to take to the outdoors. It is a bit of a catch-all term for various alternative camping accommodation, from yurts to tepees, huts and many others. What sets it apart from traditional camping is the level of luxury, you will find full furniture sets and proper beds in many of these accommodations luxurious enough to rival any hotel room you’ve ever stayed in.

Convert A Van To A Camper
If you like a project you can buy and old van and convert it into a custom made and designed camper van. This way you can suit it to your style and requirements. Common ideas include solar panels, hammocks, bunk-beds, fitted kitchen even wood-burning stoves. Parked In Paradise is a great website that has a multitude of guides and articles on camper conversions.

Hire A Top End RV
If you don’t fancy the time and effort of converting your own camper van then why not consider hiring a state of the art, top-end, custom RV. You can have a small version of a proper home, with TV, living room, entertainment system, dedicated bedrooms, full kitchen, including amenities such as dishwashers, washing machines, and a real shower. It really is the ultimate way to get around in luxury and it’s so easy to find the right one for you to hire.

Traditional Family Camping
With all of these alternative and fancy methods of camping it would be remiss of us to not even mention the traditional method of camping, which is, of course, grab your big family tent, stick in the car and head off. This way you can go and stay in high-end campsites where there are more than adequate facilities such as shower blocks, recreation rooms and even live entertainment in some cases. On the other hand, you can head off to the woods or the mountains and really get into nature in a more traditional way.

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