The 7,000th Spot of a Longtime Member

The 7,000th Spot of a Longtime Member

He has seen everything and been everywhere, a Senna GTR on public roads, a Centodieci at the gas station, or simply a parked Zonda Cinque. Even the most viewed spot (333,900+ views) on this site bears his name! DeJong32, who has been photographing cars for over seven years and in so many different countries, has now uploaded his 7,000th spot here on Autogespot. This Bugatti in Beverly Hills was the perfect candidate to express this. That is more than a reason to celebrate. Congratulations! Let's hope for more wonderful spots from you.

It is completely irrelevant how many Chirons one has seen; it remains a car that is so perfectly tuned in every aspect that it overwhelms you every time you see one. Many people have probably never seen one, but if you go to the right place, the probability is quite high that you can see one.

Bugatti launched a true bestseller with the Chiron a few years ago. It is a hypercar that is more popular than many other hypercars. The reason for this is not only the technology but above all the design and quality. Many other hypercars that offer breathtaking design lack in quality. Not at Bugatti. Although very few details and intricacies were incorporated at Bugatti, the parts used were mostly handcrafted and designed to be very modern and timeless. For example, there are few buttons and screens inside, which gives it a very rustic impression. The car is practically perfect. Although the car offers over 1500 horsepower and an immense top speed of 420 km/h, you could just as easily use this hypercar as a daily driver. It is much more comfortable to drive than other supercars and quite user-friendly. You don't even need a shoehorn to get in and out, which is often a challenge with such cars.

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