The Agera R Zijin has an extensive history

The Agera R Zijin has an extensive history

Some hypercars are bought and sold all over the globe. The legendary Agera R Zijin is one of them. It has been spotted on various continents and in many countries.

Its story began when it was delivered to Shanghai in 2014 and was spotted shortly thereafter in a parking garage. Naturally, it was a complete China-spec. However, it is also one of the most beautiful Koenigseggs ever to leave the factory. It was painted in an extremely rare shade of purple and decorated with bronze stripes.

It didn't take two years before it appeared on a completely different continent. This time it was registered in London with British license plates. Whether it was sold or the owner simply drove it around London remains unclear. In any case, it was seen there a few times until it was sold to a German car dealer in 2019. There, it stood neglected for a year or two without a permanent owner. Then a Saudi Arabian came and gave the beautiful Koenigsegg a new life. And now it has been spotted in Dubai. And it really fits in well there. Only its name reveals that it is of Chinese origin. We can only hope that it does not fall into oblivion again...

The Agera R Zijin has an extensive historyClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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