The family car buying guide

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The family car buying guide

Every parent knows how difficult it's to find the perfect car, so here is a guide to help you find a match for your needs.

While you may have previously bought cars, you always did it based on your personal preferences and the special features they had. But purchasing a family car is different because you have an extended list of factors to consider (from the safety features to the number of seats and mileage).

If it were to define the perfect family car, you would want it to check the following characteristics: practical, reliable, spacious, affordable, economical, with a good build quality, and top-notch safety rating. It would be a dream come true to find a used car that meets all these requirements. But who knows, you may be a lucky parent.
This article provides you with some guidelines to check when you aren't sure where to begin your search for a family car.

Safety is paramount
When your children join you in the car for a ride, you want to make sure they're safe. Therefore, safety is a vital factor to consider when you buy a family car because most times, it carries a precious cargo, the ones you love the most. Most cars available on the market come with decent safety features, so it's not challenging to find one that meets this requirement.

The easiest way to determine if the vehicle you want to buy is safe is to check the nhtsa ratings, which is the American standard for car safety. You only introduce the model name, and the website provides you with its on-board safety-features and performance results in crash tests.
It's best for family cars to pick models with the highest NHTSA rating because you want to know your loved ones are as protected as possible when on the road.

Price is a determining factor
Families with children have many monthly expenses, and you don't afford to spend too much on a family car. Sadly, family cars come with more features, and they tend to be more expensive than city vehicles, so you may need to stretch your budget to tick the boxes on your checklist. But you can buy an affordable family car if you get it from the Ford dealerships in Kansas City mo because they have lower rates than stores that sell new cars.

Before browsing for a car, think carefully about how much you afford to spend without affecting the family budget. Doing the sums before you hit the market helps you determine the price range and filter the results. The last thing you want is to get carried away and overspend.
Narrowing the list of options makes the search simpler.

The number of seats
How many people should fit in the car daily? The number of seats is as important as the safety features when you purchase a family car because every family member should stay comfortable when joining you for a ride. If you plan to grow your family, think ahead, and buy a car that fits your future needs. There's no point in getting a five-seater when you plan to extend your family with another baby shortly. Discuss with your partner how many seats your car should have to find the perfect vehicle for your family.

If you have a big family, it's best to get an estate with optional seat configurations or an SUV. Most SUVs come with folding rear seats so they can pop up when you need them.

It should serve your needs
Functionality isn't as important as the safety features and the number of seats, but it's also essential when purchasing any car. You shouldn't leave this factor behind because it impacts the ride quality. Decide what features you want in the car, and consider your family needs when you make a list of characteristics you need. Touch screen infotainment systems for rear-seat passengers, smartphone integration technology, and other similar perks are nice to have when on the road. It's challenging to keep kids entertained when driving for hours, so a few extra features may cheer them up during a long journey.

For families with teenagers, Ford has the MyKey system that is great when they regularly lend your car.

Easy to clean and durable
Young kids have a habit of staining any surface they lay their hands on. They're always playing with their food or petting a dog and then touching the car seats. So, you want to purchase a car that is easy to clean. With scratches, tears, stains, and pet hairs all around the vehicle's interior, you need a car durable enough to stand up the stress of driving your family around.
It's tricky to find a reliable used car with a high build quality at an affordable price, especially because the previous owner may be another parent who used it for family rides. But it's best to pay a little more to get a durable and easy to clean car.

Look for a model with minimal crannies and nooks to prevent grime and dirt from building up. The seating material is also essential because leather seats are stain and water-resistant. But they're scratch-prone, so if your children have a dog they love to drive around, you may want to get a car with a plastics material cover to prevent the pet from leaves marks and scratches on the car's interior.

Don't forget about the fuel
Each family uses the car differently, so think about how you want to use yours before purchasing it. If you need to drive it at low speeds around the town to take the kids from school or get them to the park, get a diesel-powered vehicle. If your budget allows it, look for an electric or hybrid vehicle because it's also eco-friendly. But if you use the car for commuting and you mainly drive it on the motorway, then a diesel-powered one may be too expensive to run.

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