The Ferrari 288 GTO Recreation by Jim Carpenter

The Ferrari 288 GTO Recreation by Jim Carpenter

Here we have a special first on our site: a Ferrari 288 GTO Recreation, built by Jim Carpenter and his company, Italian Design and Racing, based on a Ferrari 308 GTB. When the 288 GTO was released in 1984, it sold out incredibly quickly. To meet the demand, Carpenter decided to create reproductions using the 308 GTB (and later the 328 GTB) as a base.

The first eleven examples were commissioned by The Fine Car Store in San Diego. These cars were completely rebuilt using only original Ferrari 288 GTO parts, which were still affordable at that time. During the construction of these initial eleven, Carpenter received various requests such as curved 1/4 windows, a longitudinally placed engine, increased power via a turbocharger, improved brakes and suspension, and a different interior. The customer had the final say on what modifications were made, aside from the basic conversion.

As original 288 GTO parts became more expensive, later examples did not use them for the conversions. Over the years, approximately 70 Recreations have been built. This particular example belonged to Jim Carpenter himself and is one of the first eleven, costing between $300,000 and $400,000. The development, materials used, and accuracy make this one of the best reproductions of a 288 GTO. I find it an incredible car with its thick front and rear. After a year and a half, this car is now ready for the road again.

The Ferrari 288 GTO Recreation by Jim CarpenterClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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